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Brain Science
for Global Transformation

Our unique neuroscience-based approach transforms organizations, systems, and individuals.

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Impact Alchemy

A consulting agency focused on the science of brain health.

We believe that mental health is key to resilience, productivity, and happiness. Our ability to thrive, produce, and function all rely on our mental health.
Yet, it is one of the last things that is treated, focused on, or invested in.

Powerful strategies for corporations

Impact Alchemy uses brain optimization to help corporations and organizations improve outcomes, performance, stress reduction, burn-out prevention, company culture, productivity, team morale, and employee happiness.

Corporate Solutions

Tailored programs for NGOs

Impact Alchemy’s Center for Brain Health and Poverty Resilience helps non-profit organizations thrive by bolstering current programs and introducing new strategies focused on mental health and clinical interventions. These include trauma-informed staff trainings, organizational change, and developing new culturally relevant tools.

NGO solutions

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Respect the Beast: Impact Alchemy talks Post-COVID stress and mental health with Radius' CEO

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Standing Out Above the Crowd

Our mission is to close the gap between mental health as physical health by increasing the investment in and the prioritization of evidence-based neuroscience approaches aimed to invigorate interest in brain health optimization across all sectors.

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Are We Really Starting a Business in the Midst of all this Chaos?

We envision a world where brain health is a global priority and that all people have access to affordable and effective mental health to support their ability to thrive, prosper, and succeed. We hope you will join us on this exciting journey to change the way we think about mental health. It is brain health! Stay tuned for more!

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Loneliness, Social Isolation, and Brain Health, What you need to consider following COVID-19

Connection with others has been on the minds of mental health providers, neuroscientists, and those that run social media companies for more than a decade. Prior to COVID, there were concerns about society’s mental health, the use of social media and its effect on real social connection. Now 18 months into a global pandemic, reasonable alarm about the effects of COVID shut-downs, separation from loved ones and time away from classrooms are at the front of everyone’s mind.

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