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Brain Science for  Corporate Innovation

Our unique neuroscience-based solutions revolutionize organizations by optimizing collective mental fitness and well-being.

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Impact Alchemy

A consulting agency focused on empowerment through psychoeducation on brain science and mental health

We believe that mental health is key to resilience, productivity, and happiness. Our ability to thrive, produce, and function all rely on our mental health.
Investing in your staff from c-suite to entry level improves outcomes, performance, retention, company culture, team building, and happiness.
Investing in your team's well-being combats stress, resentment, and burn-out while improving creativity, innovation, and productivity.

Happy employees lead to better outcomes, enhanced profits, and increased productivity. Sharpen your team's performance with Impact Alchemy's brain science based solutions.

Strategy Consulting

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Our experts deliver services to maximize your company’s performance and ROI. We can help you assess, design, and implement in a variety of areas.

  • Company culture
  • Design for inclusion
  • Trauma informed strategies
  • Stabilization, crisis management planning
  • Brain science for productivity and engagement
  • Employee wellness programs

Staff Training

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Specialized interventions and skills training to meet your specific employee and executive needs.

  • Effective workplace communication
  • Stress management and tolerance building
  • Training in clinically based trauma-informed practice
  • Brain science of cultural competency
  • Workplace interpersonal dynamics

Custom Workshops

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Choose from a variety of compelling workshop topics to inform and upskill your staff.

  • Your brain and performance
  • The science of stress and anxiety
  • Amplify cultural competence and global fluency
  • Myers-Briggs & Enneagram workshops

Any workshop can be customized to your specific needs, brand, and strategy

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Improve Outcomes

Investing in your team's well-being leads to better outcomes. By prioritizing mental health, you can reduce stress and burnout while improving creativity and innovation.

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Enhance Performance

A happy and healthy workforce leads to top-tier performance. Improved mental health creates a culture of well-being, positivity, and excellence.

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Build Company Culture

A positive company culture is essential for success. By prioritizing mental health and well-being, you can build a culture that values empathy, communication, and collaboration.

Mental health, business, and numbers

of workers reported suffering from strong anxiety and stress from the previous year of work[6]
Entrepreneurs are 50% more likely to experience a mental health condition[1]
Illustration - woman suffering from stress and anxiety
Entrepreneurs are more likely to report a lifetime of depression, ADHD, bipolar spectrum disorder and substance abuse[1]
Depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy US $1 trillion each year in lost productivity[7]
Globally, an estimated 264 million people suffer from depression[7]
Burn-out syndrome in the workplace is a diagnosable ICD-11 disorder[10]
Workplaces that promote mental health and support people with mental disorders are more likely to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and benefit from associated economic gains[7]
Countries spend an average of 2% of their health budgets on mental health[4]
$1 = $5
For every $1 US invested in treatment of common mental health disorders (such as anxiety and depression) there is a return of $5 US in improved health and productivity[4]
< 1%
Despite expansion budgets, mental health funding has never exceeded 1% of all developmental assistance for health[4]
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