Are We Really Starting a Business in the Midst of all this Chaos?


Jailan Adly

July 21, 2021
Are We Really Starting a Business in the Midst of all this Chaos?

Yes. Yes, we are.

Why? Because brain health matters and now, more than ever, is the time to invest in it.

If there is one silver lining to everything our world is experiencing right now, it is that we are FINALLY talking about mental health. We are moving away from quiet whispers and judgement filled assumptions to open, transparent, and bold conversations on the impact of our brain’s health on every aspect of our lives. We are starting to see this dialog embraced across the private, public, and social sectors.

What’s Mental Health got to do with Poverty Resilience?

Everything. Last month, I shared how our recent work on mental health at RefuSHE really helped cement my desire to invest and focus on mental health in the social sector. In it, I share how I could no longer ignore the relationship between mental health and poverty resilience. If the sector really wants to lift people out of poverty, we need to invest in clinically proven trauma-informed care. Otherwise, we will continue to invest in economic development programs that don’t have the long-term durability needed to not only lift but keep people out of poverty. The idea that education, skills training, and market opportunities can do it alone without addressing the deep and often generational trauma being dealt with is flawed and short-sighted. When RefuSHE engaged Rachael Miller to work with Teddy Chakee on putting together a Science of Trauma Workshop, I was immediately hooked on Rachael's approach to mental health. As an expert in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), her neuroscience based lens immediately resonated with me.

Additionally, the curriculum she developed was enhanced by Leon Fry’s visual design and animation. I loved the attention to detail he took with each image, making sure that the designs themselves were trauma-informed, in order to ensure that the images wouldn’t trigger emotional trauma for workshop participants. As we completed the leadership transition at RefuSHE and I began contemplating what was next for me… I realized that my way forward needed to be building a movement to support this work far and wide. The more I worked with Rachael, the more I realized that my next chapter HAD to include advocating for radical change in the ways we talk about and focus on mental health.

With that - Rachael, Leon, and I decided to join forces as Impact Alchemy. Together, we aim to transform systems, organizations, and individuals by focusing on centering, improving, and investing in mental health. Impact Alchemy’s Center for Brain Health and Poverty Resilience will partner with NGOs around the world to not only improve health and well-being but also overall program outcomes because we know that mental health impacts all aspects of life including the ability to focus in school or at work.

Happy & Productive Employees = Good for Business

We are not stopping there. Research has shown that neuroscience based interventions like EMDR can also work to improve productivity, reduce stress, and address burn-out. Globally, employees are still faced with extreme stress and anxiety. I think it is safe to say that we are ALL zoomed-out! At Impact Alchemy, we want to help companies and their employees use the latest neuroscience-based techniques to improve their wellness, productivity, happiness, and efficiency. From stress management and tolerance building to EMDR for performance, our goal is to maximize a company’s performance and ROI by investing in their greatest assets - their people. When employees thrive and prosper, so do the companies and organizations they work for.

Introducing Impact Alchemy

“Alchemy” is the transformational process of bringing something ordinary into the extraordinary

Combining years of knowledge, proven methods, strategic partnerships, and a little bit of magic, we are taking a multi-prong approach to transmute goals and visions into cost saving, life-changing outcomes. Our mission is to close the gap between mental health as physical health by increasing the investment in and the prioritization of evidence-based neuroscience approaches aimed to invigorate interest in brain health optimization across all sectors. We hope you will join us to create the world we envision. One where brain health is a global priority and all people have access to affordable and effective mental health to support their ability to thrive, prosper, and succeed.

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Jailan Adly

Managing Partner | Strategy & Collaborative Initiatives

Jailan is a global development executive and strategic consulting powerhouse. She is the drive behind our leadership development.

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