Respect the Beast: Impact Alchemy talks Post-COVID stress and mental health with Radius' CEO


Jailan Adly

July 21, 2021
Respect the Beast: Impact Alchemy talks Post-COVID stress and mental health with Radius' CEO

What Was I Thinking?

Raise your hand if you made a big life-changing decision during COVID!

I definitely did! I moved to a new city AND started a new business AT THE SAME TIME. I like to call it my "panic COVID move."

Sometime last fall, I became fixated on the idea that I had to move to a city that brought me closer to the outdoors. Around that same time, I was actively working myself out of a job at RefuSHE in an aim to de-colonize the social sector and encourage others to re-consider the outdated structures found in global philanthropy. In the midst of a global pandemic, the more practical decision would have been to secure a new full-time job, but I decided to follow passion instead and join forces with Rachael Miller to start Impact Alchemy.

Self-employed and now living in Denver far away from my safety net and where I don't know that many people (oh and did I mentioned I had only been there once before in my life?!), I've had at least a dozen "OMG what did I do" moments.

Moments that I have heard so many people relate to. I think the majority of us have at some point asked ourselves, “what was I thinking!?” over the past 18+ months.

We are Going Through a Collective Trauma

We have gone through (and are still going through) a global collective trauma. Our brains and bodies are working in overdrive trying to make sense of it all. Stress, anxiety, and burnout are at an all-time high.

The emotional whip lash of going from a year of social distancing, to an almost amnesia-like “starting to get back to normal” summer kick-off in the U.S., to a sobering realization that as long as the rest of the world is still struggling with COVID we are not out of the woods yet - has been REAL.

The comfort in all of this is that we are not alone. None of us are. Everyone is going through this together and therapists, like my partner Rachael, are trying to help us navigate all this uncertainty as best we can. One way to help is to take a moment to understand what is actually happening in our brains and bodies and what we can do to help manage that.

So What ARE You Thinking?

What have our brains been going through over the past 18+ months and how is that impacting our decision-making and health?

Impact Alchemy’s Rachael Miller sits down with Radius’ CEO Saskia Foley to talk about the brain science that helps us understand what is actually happening and what  we can do to stay positive and productive as we move forward. Walk away with actionable tips for a more positive outlook:

  • Read the whole damn article
  • Sing in the shower
  • Respect the beast and allow yourself to grieve
  • Find ways to create real social connections (safely)
  • Give each other and ourselves grace
  • Breathe

Tune in for a neuroscience 101 on:

  • The difference between social isolation and loneliness and how they impact the brain
  • The vagus nerve and how vagal toning exercises can help our brains stay positive and productive
  • Why are our brains are wired for flight, fight, freeze, and fawn responses and how does that impact people's ability to do their optimal best right now

Jailan Adly

Managing Partner | Strategy & Collaborative Initiatives

Jailan is a global development executive and strategic consulting powerhouse. She is the drive behind our leadership development.

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